In Lies of P, Pinocchio needs to have a strong weapon and the Legion Arm to stay alive. However, Amulets may be just as important.

The Amulets are one of the most important items in Lies of P that people often forget about. The game is full of improvement trees, special weapons, and useful tools. At the start of the game, Pinocchio can only hold two amulets. But as players grow the P-Organ, they will be able to unlock more places. The amulets will give Pinocchio stat boosts that stack on top of each other.

That’s why amulets are important for making any kind of build, and because there are so many guns and Legion Arms, there are a lot of different and fun ways to play during a session. These amulets give Pinocchio important benefits that will help him get through the city of Krat without getting hurt.

Murderer Puppets Amulet

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In the game, most of Pinocchio’s enemies are dumb dolls, which does make this amulet less useful. However, it really shines when Pinocchio faces one of the many Stalkers. These are the enemies: hooded people who have gone crazy since the fake revolt and are now swinging their swords at everything they see.

Some people find it easier to deal with these duels than the huge puppet monsters, but they can still be tough to beat if you don’t do a few perfect parries, which isn’t always possible. So, it depends on the case because Stalkers tend to show up in a lot of places, but it’s still a good idea to keep it ready.

Swordsmanship Master’s Amulet

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At first, weapon longevity might not seem important for the first hour or two. But as more customization options become available, it’s easy to make a dangerous greatsword or a lightning-fast blade and then forget that they can break. Any weapon will do less damage after about 5 swings, and it will keep getting less damaging until it hits zero, at which point it will break completely.

Since I switched blades and handles to make a new weapon before a task, only for it to break after killing a few dolls, this isn’t ideal, but having this Amulet makes the feature pretty much useless for most of the game. Even though Pinocchio can still use his Grinder to make weapons sharper, it takes a lot of time to re-sharpen a blade in the middle to late game boss fights.

Transformation Amulet

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In Lies of P, the Advance number makes Pinocchio stronger generally and makes him less vulnerable to state effects. As Pinocchio goes deeper into Krat, he will meet many new enemies that will slow him down with fire, acid, and electricity. These attacks often come out of nowhere, so Pinocchio may have to go back to the closest safe place early. When people play Stargazer, they aren’t careful.

If you want to keep this stat-boosting amulet on Pinocchio, you won’t have to keep stocking up on diseases to cure him for each status effect. When a boss is coming up, you should save a place for this amulet because many of them will randomly apply status effects during a fight. For example, the scary Fallen Archbishop loves to use Decay every chance he gets.

Patience Amulet

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The Patience Amulet works best for heavy builds with a greatsword as the main weapon, but it can help almost any build, since everything in this game drains energy. When Pinocchio attacks, dodges, sprints, or blocks in certain situations, his energy will drop, leaving him open to attack once it’s gone.

If you wear this amulet, your energy will recover much faster, so you won’t have to spend hundreds of Ergo to level up your Vigor number. When playing with the Path of the Sweeper style of combat, however, the Patience Amulet is a must-have. This is because missing a greatsword swing costs a lot of energy, so making sure it recharges quickly is important for boss fights.

Conquering Amulet

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Although they take a lot of practice to get good at, Perfect Guards are a quick and easy way to kill some of the game’s more stubborn enemies if you can pull them off. Pinocchio doesn’t lose any health when hit by an enemy, and there’s a chance that the enemy’s weapon will break, leaving them in a dazed state where they can be cut down.

With more weapon damage after a Perfect Guard, it’s easy to deal with more than one enemy at once. This is especially true if you’re carrying a big greatsword that can hit more than one enemy with a single swing. Even if you pull off a Perfect Guard, bosses won’t be as easy to stun, but having a stronger weapon still helps to wipe out their health bars a little faster.

Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet

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In Lies of P, human enemies may not happen very often. Instead, the streets of Krat are full of dolls swinging swords, throwing bombs, and shooting weapons from the roofs. When fighting these dumb beings, the Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet will instantly make any weapon Pinocchio is using much stronger. If the player also talks to Eugenie to boost their weapon’s attack numbers, they’ll have a real weapon of destruction.

Getting this amulet is always a good idea because it will help you in most situations in the game. You can find it in the hallway of Krat City Hall and keep it with you for a long time. Pinocchio’s strikes do 10% more damage. Which might not seem like much at first, but it makes a big difference in battle.

Recharged Amulet

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In normal situations, Pinocchio would have to use his Pulse Cells to heal himself during fight. However, these can only be used a few times, and they take a long time to function. The way the Recharged Amulet works changes Skibidi Toilet so much that the player doesn’t need to use Pulse Cells very often. They’ll only need to use them in rare cases where the Amulet isn’t refilling HP quickly enough.

You won’t find this thing easily, though, because a scary Junk Centurion Puppet is guarding it. This puppet can be hard to kill without a good weapon and the Legion Arm equipped. The task is well worth taking on. Because getting an amulet will keep Pinocchio on his feet during his nightmare trip.

Arm Of God Amulet

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Pinocchio gets a brief damage boost every time he hits an enemy with his own attack. Whether it’s a real person or a doll. This amulet really does work as good as it sounds. It is one of the largest Amulets in the game, but it’s worth making room fo. Because if Pinocchio can land a few hits without getting hit, it will turn him into a puppet killing machine.

Even though it only lasts for a short time, the attack boost can quickly kill a group of dolls, stalkers, or even bosses if the player is skilled enough to land hit after hit. It’s also one of the few Amulets that can be used in almost any situation. Just make sure to prepare and have fire bombs on hand when fighting Victor. Because he will not give up his Ergo without a fight.

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