You can play an open game like Minecraft in any way you like, but there are ways to make it more fun!

There isn’t a single right way to play an open game like Minecraft, but there are ways that people tend to limit how much you can enjoy it. You may have read online posts where people argue about whether certain practices make the game too easy or whether certain ways of playing keep you from ever finishing it. However, those points of view don’t show a set way to have a good time.

There are lots of different ways to play Minecraft. The most important thing is that you enjoy it. Games let you escape from real life, and if you finish them or play them in a certain way, they stop being an escape for you.

Gain Access To Banned Books

overview-of-minecraft-s-the-uncensored-library.jpg (740×370)

The Uncensored Library mod lets you visit a sort of virtual library of Alexandria that is packed full of books that are illegal in other countries. It also has a beautiful build with detailed gardens and a big building that looks like historical pictures of the real structure. This mod makes it easier to get information, even if it doesn’t help you play the game.

Learn more about the world around you and nerd out by reading books in a virtual library for hours on end. Some of these books are about a lot of different things, and some of them even have great writing in them.

Imprison The Locals

Minecraft-Sleeping-Villager.jpg (740×370)

Are you upset that people keep running into you when you’re in one of the villages? Like hearing a lot of grunts and hmms all the time? Then why not spend your time in the game locking up the people who live there?

Get a 4×4 and start collecting any NPCs that won’t fight you right away. If you’re feeling kind, you can make the cage bigger and finally add one or two pets for the prisoners. In Minecraft, you can literally build your own Gulag and kill any person that comes near you.

Collect Every Animal And Make A Zoo

Minecraft-Steve-With-Animals-.jpg (740×370)

If you like taking care of different animals, Minecraft has a lot of them that are ready to be trained and put on your base. Keep all the animals you find in different cages close to each other and sentence them to life of slavery so that your base looks better to you.

As long as nothing hurts them, they don’t need food, and it’s not hard to breed them either. Taking on this task might take a while if you also want to catch fish, but it’s a good way to change how you play this game. You wouldn’t have to build it to live, but it’s fun to make and will make you look good if someone comes to your world.

Mine Without Tools

Minecraft-mining-soul-sand-2.jpg (740×370)

Accept your “ooga booga” caveman vibe and turn down all the perks of using “modern tools.” A Minecraft pro might look down on your choice, but it’s much harder to mine with your hands than to use tools that are made for lazy people who don’t have the patience to wait.

It’s much cooler to hit the ground or an enemy with your bare hands in this case. When you’re up against a whole group of people in caves, it’s definitely the toughest thing you can do.

End The Game Without Any Armor

minecraft-end-city-from-a-distance-next-to-image-of-player-fighting-the-ender-dragon.jpg (740×370)

It might be like putting everything on the line in survival mode, but if you don’t mind getting angry from dying so often, try ending the game without using any weapons you find or make.

Just like a pro Dark Souls player, you can use conflict to make Eggy Car harder for yourself. It’s better to have high risks when you’re in the Nether. Just don’t forget to stock up on a lot of food.

Mine Straight Down Nonstop

minecraft-bedrock.jpg (740×370)

This way, you won’t have to wait long to get to the bottom layer, and you might even find some lava that looks cool. If you really like hot rock and things that can’t be broken, this is a good way to find them really quickly.

Do not give up; just keep getting yourself out of holes over and over again. That way you might even find some gems. If you’re tired of playing Minecraft the “normal” way and don’t want to use any pro tips and tricks, give it a try.

Messing With The Local Wildlife

craftable-animals-mod-1.jpg (740×370)

For some reason, this shouldn’t be possible in any game, but Minecraft lets you play however you want. So if making annoying things for animals you don’t like is your thing, then give it a try. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind way to be creative.

You can do a simple Google search to find a huge number of inventions that are made to make the life of your virtual pet miserable. It’s an interesting way to decorate your base or act like a cruel bad guy like Atilla the Hun.

Destroying Everything In Creator Mode

miecraft-explosion-Cropped.jpg (740×370)

If it sounds fun to destroy everything, then joining a Minecraft group just to do that might be your calling. You can work with other people or try to destroy an entire base by yourself.

It’s not the nicest thing to do with the local wildlife. But it’s a fun way to show off your demolition skills and show who’s boss. You can look for TNT on your map or build your own mounds. It’s not simple, though, because it will take a long time to do this.

Farming Mobs

Minecraft-Zombie-Trap-Farm-Cropped.jpeg (740×370)

If you use the way a game works against other people, you can get ahead and win more often. Because of this, if you find a great way to make a lot of money, don’t wait to do it. Even if it means giving up the task of farming certain materials.

Let a machine do everything for you. In the end, even building that machine takes some skill and work. It’s really hard to set up these statues. The means and care you put into building these landmarks are very important.

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