Shifting from one place to another is a troublesome process. And if you are shifting by yourself, then this task can be very stressful. To avoid this, people hire packers and movers. The professionally trained team of movers will shift everything securely in a shorter amount of time. And the best part about hiring a moving firm is that they are cost-effective as well. People with different budgets can hire good packers and moving companies. Search the internet and select reliable moving firms in your area.

However, there are some things you should do before hiring a packers and movers company. Because there are so many different companies, choosing one is not going to be easy. Be aware of fraudulent companies and keep reading to learn how to choose packers and movers Pune to Chennai wisely for a hassle-free shift. Questions to ask the packers and movers firm before hiring them.

After you have shortlisted some packers and moving companies, book a consultation session with them. And there should be some important questions for you. These questions will help you know what kind of company it is, whether they are genuine and much more.

  • How many years or months of experience does the company have as packers and movers?
  • How many clients have they worked with on average?
  • Do they have licences and verification documents?
  • Do they provide insurance for lost and damaged goods?
  • What kind of packing material do they use?
  • Do they provide transportation services or not?
  • Do they have storage facilities?
  • Is their team experienced and professional in their work?
  • What kind of services do they have?
  • Can they break down the cost for you?
  • Are there any additional charges?
  • What measures will they take to handle delicate goods?

Things to do for a stress-free move with packers and movers

During the shift, there are many chances of your goods being damaged. But you can avoid this by taking some precautionary measures. Read some tips given below for how you can have a stress-free and damage-free shift.

Do not get attracted to low prices.

If you want to have a stress-free shift, then avoid getting attracted to low prices. There are many packers and mover companies that try to attract customers by quoting very cheap prices. And then people fall for their scams. If you hire such a moving company, you will have a very stressful shift. Hire only verified packers and movers.

Ask the company about packing material.

Packing material is the main thing that will keep all your things safe and secure. So while you are consulting a moving firm, ask them about the quality of the packing material. If the packing material is not of good quality, then your belongings will be at risk of damage. Request that the moving company only provide you with high-quality packing materials.

Choose the right date to shift.

Avoid the unnecessary stress of moving on weekends or holidays. People are free on weekends, so they book the movers. That is why fixing a date to move on weekends and holidays will not be a good decision. In these times, the packers and movers will not be able to give you time, and their prices will be high as well. That is why you should schedule your dates during the week.


When hiring a packers and movers company, the first question you should ask is about insurance. You should safeguard all your belongings before finalising the deal. Sign the paperwork only after you read that the mover’s company will offer you insurance. During the shifting, the chances of your goods getting damaged are high. If you lose any of your things or they get damaged, the packers and movers from Pune to Chennai will offer you compensation.

These are some things you should consider when hiring packers and movers to ensure a stress-free and damage-free move. Do not fully rely on the mover’s company; do these things yourself to ensure a secure shift. Hire a reliable company that offers you transparency and credibility. Choose them wisely and seal the deal only after you are fully sure of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five most important questions I should ask before hiring packers and movers?

While consulting with packers and movers in Pune, you should ask them questions. Ask them about their licence and verification. Do not hire a non-verified company. Ask how much experience they have in this business. Then ask them about the kind of services they have. After this, you should ask them about their prices, and they should break down the cost for you. And the last thing you should ask is if they will provide you with insurance or not.

Will packers and movers clean my goods before packing them?

No, the packers and movers will not clean your goods before packing. Because cleaning is not among the services you asked for. If you want them to provide cleaning, then you should ask them in advance. Many packers and mover companies offer cleaning services.

How will I know if the packers and movers are reliable?

There are two ways of knowing if the packers and movers are reliable. Ask the moving company about their licence and verification documents. If the mover’s firm shows you everything without any hesitation, then they are genuine. And if they hesitate and are not able to show you the documents, then they are not reliable. Another thing you can do is read customer reviews and ratings about a company.

On what basis will packers and movers decide the final cost?

The final cost of shingling will depend on many things. The cost will be based on the number of goods you have, the type of transport you choose, the distance to the location, and the labour cost. These are some basic services that will determine the cost of shifting. Other than these taxes, additional charges will also be added. If you ask for some extra services, then their charges will be added to the total fare.

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