In Genshin Impact, gathering Crystal Cores can take a while, but it’s important to make Condensed Resin.

For Genshin Impact players who make a lot of Condensed Resin, collecting Crystal Cores can take a lot of time. In spite of this, not making Condensed Resin would make the daily resin grind worse, so there isn’t much of an option. Good news is that getting Crystal Cores doesn’t have to be so hard once players know where to look.

The places on this list are the best places to get Crystal Cores, and each one gives you a good number of them with very little work on your part. The ones with the biggest benefits but a little more work will be at the end of the list, starting with the ones that are the easiest and require the least work. Sayu, a 4* Anemo unit, should be in the party if at all possible because she has a passive that keeps Crystalflies from running away when she’s around.

The Crystalfly Trap

crystalfly-trap.jpg (1500×750)

Genshin Impact has added a new way to get Crystal Cores called the “Crystalfly Trap” along with the release of the Fontaine area. This piece of gear will give the player 15 crystal cores in exchange for 30 ore of their choice. But this trade only works once a week because it takes a whole week to pay out. This means it won’t solve all of a player’s Crystal Core problems.

To get this item, you need to earn Reputation Level 3 in Fontaine.

The Dendro Hypostasis Arena, Sumeru

dendro-hypostasis.jpg (1500×844)

Genshin Impact got a new boss enemy called Dendro Hypostasis in version 3.2. Users must use the teleport point south of Aaru Village and go into a nearby cave to reach this enemy. For players who want Crystal Cores, this teleport waypoint also has three cores that can be picked up with little work.

dendro-hypostasis-1.jpg (1500×843)

Before going to the teleport farther south of Aaru Village in Sumeru to get the three Crystal Cores, players should go to the original location. A rock is right behind the way the player will move, and three Dendro Crystalflies will be flying above it. The player should be able to quickly get all three Crystal Cores at this spot by running through the Crystalflies and hitting the grab button over and over again.

Land of Lower Setekh, Sumeru

dendro-hypostasis-2.jpg (1500×844)

Getting the Crystal Cores next to the Dendro Hypostasis is the first easy task. The next easy task is very close by. Players should look at the map and go to the teleport waypoint that is directly west of the last one. This waypoint isn’t near any interesting places, so the best way to remember it is by how it connects to the last one.

dendro-hypostasis-4.jpg (1500×844)

Players should be able to see the three Crystalflies almost right away after teleporting to the waypoint. It’s important to remember that if Sayu isn’t in the party, these three will run away as soon as they teleport, so they need to be quick. Like with the last group, all you have to do to get all three is run around and hit the grab button a lot.

Thalatta Submarine Canyon, Fontaine

thalatta-submarine-canyon-map.jpg (1500×843)

With the Fontaine addition to Genshin Impact, there are now a lot of new, easy places to collect Crystal Cores. The Thalatta Submarine Canyon is the easiest and most satisfying of these new places. This place is northeast of the Courth of Fontaine and in the middle of the water at the very top of the Genshin Impact 4.0 map.

thalatta-submarine-canyon.jpg (1500×844)

When players get to the teleport waypoint in the middle of Thalatta Submarine Canyon, they need to look down and to the right. Right away, players will see six Hydro Crystalflies moving around a small cave. They can quickly move toward them while pressing the “grab” key over and over. After you get all of the Crystalflies, this cave has a lot of Condensation Crystals for you to get, along with the power you need to get them.

Pale Forgotten Glory Domain, Fontaine

pale-forgotten-glory.jpg (1500×844)

The local talent book area, Pale Forgotten Glory, is right across the water to the south of Fontaine’s main city. People who have built any new characters since the 4.0 update probably already know a lot about this site. If you teleport to this domain and look around, you’ll see three Hydro Crystalflies swimming around the entrance to the domain. You can easily grab them by spam clicking as you swim toward them.

“A Lonely Place” in Fontaine

a-lonely-place-map.jpg (1500×844)

In Fontaine’s Beryl Region, players will find a secret society of the Melusine, a Fontaine species that lives in the area. This spot is unlocked as part of Fontaine’s main world quest, but it doesn’t take long to get to. The teleport that will help you the most with the Crystal Core collection grind is the one that goes to Merusea Village.

a-lonely-place-plant.jpg (1500×844)

The Crystal Core hunt starts here. To get there, players should move to the Merusea Village waypoint and then turn around right away. A round purple door lies behind the teleport waypoint. If players connect with it, they will be taken to “A Lonely Place.” When players get to the lonely area, they should be able to connect with a number of yellow plants, which can drop different items.

Crystalflies, low-rarity objects, and Mora are some of the things that have been tested to drop from these plants. It’s still one of the most reliable drops, and searching this area should usually bring you six or more Crystal Cores.

Windrise, Mondstadt

windrise-map.jpg (1500×844)

This is one of the first Statues of the Seven that players will ever deal with in Genshin Impact. It can be found at Windrise. This tree is important to the history of Mondstadt, and it shows up a lot in the main story of Tunnel Rush.

There are six Anemo Crystalflies flying around this tree, which is good news, though sometimes it’s harder to catch them because they are at different heights.

Domain of Guyun, Liyue

guyun-domain.jpg (1500×844)

The Guyun Stone Forest is a group of rocks right off the coast of Liyue Harbor. This is where Captain Beidou’s ship is. This is where the Domain of Guyun is. And this is where the “Archaic Petra” and “Retracing Bolide” sets of artifacts can be found.

When you move to this domain, you’ll see four Geo Crystalflies flying around. If you jump off the nearby rock, you’ll reach two more. There are different heights for these Crystal Cores, which can make them a little harder to get. Sayu is almost necessary to collect all of them.

Mt. Tianheng, Liyue

mt-tianheng.jpg (1500×844)

To the west of Liyue Harbor are two mountain tops that are known as Mt. Tianheng. There is a group of six Geo Crystalflies hiding in a nearby cave. This area is a great place to find ammunition ore.

To find these Crystalflies, players should go to the Mt. Tianheng teleport and look for the group of Hilichurls to the right. Keep an eye on the cave door that is just above them. People can fight these Hilichurls or just walk right by them. But they will still attack them while they are in the cave gathering Crystalflies.

Dawn Winery, Mondstadt

dawn-winery.jpg (1500×844)

Dawn Winery and the Statue of Seven next to it on the map are the last places players should look for Crystal Core grinds. This transfer spot has three Anemo Crystalfies right away, but Dawn Winery is where the real action is. So many Crystalflies can be found in Dawn Winery’s different grape fields. Just running around the whole building will get you six. Some of them are on the Winery’s roof and around the houses close.

This is the place on this list that takes the most time. But it also gives you the most Crystal Cores—over 10 in total. The ones near the Statue of the Seven are the best to get. Then, players should run through the fields of Dawn Winery and pick up the six that are easy to get there.

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