While the 2020 global pandemic was devastating to traditional retailers, it was a boon to online shopping. Even businesses that didn’t have a physical storefront soon established e-commerce websites; sellers and service providers who didn’t have a physical location swiftly set one up.

There was an immediate focus on staying afloat, but now there’s no sign of e-commerce websites losing steam. To attract customers and make their online stores stand out, brands must prioritize the customer experience (CX) above all else.

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Choose Your Own Color Scheme

Why should we begin by selecting a color scheme? Making sure you can provide what the people want is the most important thing.

Sixty-six percent of website visitors say that a site’s aesthetically pleasing design is one of the main reasons they stick around. Not surprisingly, we tend to pay more attention to things that are aesthetically pleasing. After all, we like things that are easy on the eyes.

But compare this number with something that almost all of us have experienced: going to a website where the color scheme is so bad, with either too little or too much contrast, that reading the content becomes a real challenge.

Imagine what it’s like to be a site visitor. Has your color scheme improved the user experience while simultaneously pleasing to the eye? If it doesn’t, you should reconsider your decisions now.

Brand Consistency

When it comes to online shopping, consistent branding across all channels (website, social media, and marketing materials) is crucial.

Why? The number of e-commerce websites is increasing at a faster rate than it has in the past, as we mentioned earlier. This results in an abundance of poorly constructed websites, frequently lacking strong brand recognition. It is important that your visitor knows precisely where they are, so there is no possibility of mistaken identity.

That probably encompasses all the visual choices you make throughout the design process, such as the fonts and colors you use and whether or not to display your brand logo on every page. If your company doesn’t already have a logo, you can make one with the help of the free logo creator. Customers will be more loyal to your brand after they become familiar with it through a well-branded website. Additionally, it establishes a benchmark for dependability and brand uniformity.

Simple Design

Everyone loves a well-organized, uncluttered layout, and minimalist web design is often the most popular choice. For a long time, people have relied on the simple rule of “less is more” and seen excellent results.

So, how exactly does a neat layout improve CX? To put it plainly, it’s easy to use. An easier viewing experience is achieved by providing ample negative space, or ensuring that individual elements have room to breathe. As a result, your visitor’s cognitive load is reduced, and they are able to focus on a single element at a time, leading to increased engagement.

Responsive Design that Works on Mobile Devices

The use of mobile devices to complete transactions is on the rise. Thanks to the plethora of retail brand apps, shopping has never been easier, and the things we desire are frequently as close as a couple of taps away from being delivered to our door.

Customers have high expectations for a site’s mobile-friendliness, and it significantly influences their propensity to interact with that site. Having a site that is responsive and easy to use on mobile devices increases the likelihood that 74% of users will return to it.

Structure of Products

Not only should you inform your customers about the most popular items right away, but you should also use internal linking that reflects your consumers’ interests.

On the home page of many e-commerce websites, you can see a slider or links that highlight the top sellers. You can upsell other products and highlight other services while simultaneously providing a great service to your customer.

It may be a good idea to regularly update your “best seller” list in response to seasonality, events, real sales, etc.

Simple Navigation

A well-design website relies on easy navigation. You know the frustration of poor navigation from the experience of visiting a website and being unable to find the information you sought!

It stands to reason that your CX would be enhanced by a user-friendly, straightforward, and intuitive navigation system that requires little to no training. However, it also boosts your website’s overall performance, which is particularly important in the e-commerce industry.

Obviously, there’s more to e-commerce website design than simply the menu and navigation bar. Intelligent search is fundamental to online shopping. The search bar should be prominently displayed, and a sensitive search engine should be included to provide suggested keywords or phrases in the event that no products are found.

Make It Simple To Provide Criticism

Lastly, make sure you listen to the people if you want to improve the CX on your e-commerce brand site!

Being flexible and attentive, particularly to client feedback, is essential when building an e-commerce brand. But make sure that feedback is easy to give so that you can adapt to it.

Put your phone number and email address in the footer of each page. Encourage them to get in touch if they have any feedback, queries, or grievances. Utilize an intelligent chatbot to manage the initial inquiries and comments from visitors if it aligns with your brand’s values. Stay prepared to step in when needed. Notify them via email that you have received their feedback and will respond to them promptly.

Show appreciation to site visitors who interact with your brand. If you own an online store, this is a great method to increase client loyalty and delight them while they shop.

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