Many CRPGs have been based on Dungeons & Dragons over the years. But which games should a fan of the tabletop series play?

You might think that the board version of Dungeons & Dragons is very different from video games. But the line between them is getting smaller over time. In fact, playing Dungeons & Dragons online has been becoming more popular for a while now, whether it’s through simple, low-tech methods like play-by-post or through more high-tech tools like Skype or ROLL20 to get your gaming fix without having to set up a live game.

Still, there are a lot of video games that have that classic Dungeons & Dragons feel, even if they aren’t based on the original game. These games are great for players who want something different, who are scared of how hard Dungeons & Dragons is, or who just want a graphical equivalent. There are a lot of interesting people in these games’ worlds. Which range from classic high fantasy to sci-fi epics and everything in between. The stories are very long and the battle systems are very complicated.

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