There aren’t as many twin-stick shooters as there used to be, but PS5 users can still find some great ones.

These days, twin-stick shooters are pretty hard to find. In the 1980s, games like Robotron: 2084 made the genre popular. In the 1990s, games like Smash T.V. and Total Carnage made the genre a mainstay in arcades. These shooters have mostly turned into roguelikes these days, with games like “The Binding of Isaac” and “Enter the Gungeon” showing how far this change can go.

PS5 owners can choose from a few traditional twin-stick shooters, but they’re not spoiled for choice. This is mostly because the system can play games that were made for older consoles. The best twin-stick shooters on the PS5 are for people who want to avoid bullets and cause chaos from above.

Nex Machina

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Nex Machina, which came out in 2017 for PS4 and PC, doesn’t do anything new or different with twin-stick shooters. Instead, it does the basics very well. In a world where machines have taken over, players have to shoot their way through waves of robotic enemies.

Nex Machina seems simple at first, but it has a lot of depth. Players become better at fighting as they learn more about the weapons and power-ups they can use. This makes the experience more enjoyable over time. The game also looks great.

Darksiders Genesis

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With each new Darksiders game, things are always changing for the better, and Genesis is the biggest change in the series so far. In War and Strife, players go on the attack through a story that is wildly unrealistic and full of great dialogue between the characters.

There are two types of combat: War and Strife. War is all about close-quarters attacks, and Strife is where you shoot from far away. Because of this, the second one is probably more appealing to fans of twin-stick shooters. However, Darksiders Genesis is at its best when both characters are fully utilized.

The Ascent

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Unfortunately, there aren’t many PS5 twin-stick shooters that were made just for that system. We just don’t play these kinds of games as much these days, but fans might enjoy third-person shooters like Returnal or even Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. The Ascent, a cyberpunk action RPG that was first only available on Xbox, is one of the few games in this type that you can play on PS5. The game has gotten some mixed reviews, but it also has a lot of good points that make it worth recommending.

For starters, The Ascent does a great job of making Veles, a crowded, horrible city, come to life. Some parts of the gunplay are weak, and the game goes a little more slowly than most twin-stick shooters. Since this is an RPG, players can use a pretty advanced progression system that changes the way they play as the story goes on.

God’s Trigger

Gods-Trigger-game-cover-.jpg (1500×750)

Twin-stick shooters are all about how you play them. There are games that focus more on the story, but for the most part, they just throw players into a world with thousands of enemies and tell them to kill them all. The second method is used in God’s Trigger.

Something bad and good decide to work together to stop hell’s forces. So, they kill their way through the end of the world. God’s Trigger is fun, challenging, and addicting, and all of these things make it even better when played with a friend.

Iron Crypticle

Iron-Crypticle-game.jpg (1500×750)

Iron Crypticle, which came out in 2017, is a great example of a twin-stick shooting game. The game is so much fun that people can’t stop playing it, even though it’s pretty hard. Iron Crypticle can be hard to handle, annoying, and exhausting, but all of these things work together to make an experience that you have to get through instead of giving up on.

For people who are new to the genre, Iron Crypticle isn’t the best game to start with, but pros should give it a try at some point.


ruiner-game-combat.jpg (1500×750)

Ruiner is a fun cyberpunk game with a flashy red look that makes it stand out from most other twin-stick shooters. This game not only looks great, but it’s also a lot of fun to control and has a lot of different guns and skills that players can try out.

Twin-stick shooters are only good if the gameplay is fun every minute. Funny Shooter 2 does a great job with this by having detailed and explosive movements. The story doesn’t add anything new to cyberpunk, but it’s a good background for the action.

Assault Android Cactus

Assault-Android-Cactus-ps4.jpg (1500×750)

Witch Beam made something unique with Assault Android Cactus, a twin-stick shooter that is easy for beginners to pick up but still tough enough to be fun. You can choose from different androids that have different ways of playing, and then you go on a short campaign that you have to play again and again to get better scores. It feels a lot like an arcade game when you play Assault Android Cactus.

Assault Android Cactus is a fun game where death doesn’t mean the end of the game. It’s a great place for PS5 users who want to try their hand at twin-stick shooters.

The Riftbreaker

The-Riftbreaker-ps5.jpg (1500×750)

The Riftbreaker is a big, bold game that tries to be everything. It was only released for PS5, not PS4, but it can run on PS5. Building bases and protecting them is a big part of this survival game that’s a lot like tower defense games. A lot of the RPG features are directly linked to how well the player’s mecha works. The Riftbreaker turns into a twin-stick shooter when the action starts.

This kind of random method could have easily gone wrong, making the game a mess that tries to do too many things at once. But The Riftbreaker’s parts work surprisingly well together to make a PS5 experience that is unlike any other.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

Geometry-Wars-3-Dimensions-Evolved-ps4.jpg (1500×750)

Since its release in 2003, Geometry Wars has been a great source of twin-stick shooters. The most recent game in the series, Geometry 3: Dimensions, was a good development of the story. The best thing about this entry was the 3D shapes that players use as battles, but there wasn’t a lot of variety in the release overall.

This problem was fixed in 2015’s Geometry 3: Dimensions Evolved, which added a lot more levels, new friends, and even a “Hardcore” mode. The fact that Geometry 3: Dimensions Evolved is still around shows how classic the twin-stick shooter game is. The gameplay is pretty much the same as the original from 2003, but it doesn’t feel old.

Helldivers Dive Harder Edition

Helldivers-Dive-Harder-Edition-ps4.jpg (1500×750)

Helldivers Dive Harder Edition is one of the best current twin-stick shooters you can find. It’s the kind of game that will keep you coming back for months. The game is set in the middle of a galactic war, and Helldivers makes sure that its fighters have all the tools they need to fight the many enemies that are waiting for them.

Even the most basic parts of Helldivers are a lot of fun to play, but the game’s weapons system is what makes it last so long. There are lots of things to unlock, and they are all worth the work. Devil Divers 2 will be coming out on the PS5 on February 8, 2024.

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