When a simple toy comes to life, it’s the least-liked type of figure. Developers can use these figures in a lot of different ways to tell stories, especially if their coming to life is an important part of the plot. You may or may not agree with the creative choice, but in these games, silly toys come to life.

There are lots of different ways that game designers can deal with the characters in their games. In many games, the heroes are old and wise, young men are going on their first journey, and young women are trying to find their place in the world. You can do it more than just in your mind.

Toy Story

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Toy Story has to be brought up whenever you talk about toys that come to life. In fact, it might be the most well-known case of that ever. You can play a lot of great games, which is good news.

Even though everyone has a favorite, there is one game from the SNES era that will always be remembered. It’s exactly what you’d expect: you jump from platform to platform through scenes from the movie Toy Story. Fans of the movie would love this game.

It Takes Two

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In this sweet little story, two battle-weary parents who are about to split up are turned into a set of hand-made toys. This game, It Takes Two, is a must-have for anyone who loves great storylines in games or working together to solve puzzles.

You’ll help Cody and May learn to love each other again over the course of the game, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some sad moments along the way. For people who are going through a divorce, the whole process will probably be very stressful, but it will be well worth it.

Hypercharge: Unboxed

Hypercharge-Unboxed.jpg (740×370)

This is likely one of the strangest and most exciting games you can play. That being said, the story isn’t really important because it’s clear that the PvP fighting is what the game is all about.

You control an action figure and fight other action figures in a way that you’re used to. The game may not be very unique in terms of how it’s played, but the way it looks will definitely catch people’s attention.


skylanders-trap-team.jpg (740×370)

The Skylanders series as a whole is a bit of a puzzle in the game world. The story of this game is different from most on this list, but it fits because it’s part of a series called Toys to Life.

There are no toys coming to life in the game world; you are the one making them come to life. The genre has dropped off a lot because of the extra costs, but it was an interesting test for the business.

Disney Infinity

Disney-Infinity.jpg (740×370)

The Disney Infinity games were a lot like the Skylanders games in that the toys you buy add to the game world and affect how it works. Some people might be interested in that, but it’s clear that a lot of kids loved the idea.

The games are pretty much normal adventure games; they don’t really stand out compared to the big names in the field. Even so, people will always be interested in playing as famous Disney figures because it’s fun and different.

Super Smash Bros.

Super-Smash-Bros-N64.jpg (740×370)

Do not forget that in the first Super Smash Bros game for the Nintendo 64, the figures are just toys that come to life to fight. In this way, it’s one of the first games where toys come to life.

It’s been said everything that can be said about the show. There is action all the time, and some of the most famous Nintendo figures ever are in it. The original Nintendo 64 game still plays pretty well when compared to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which is a surprise.

Poppy Playtime

poppy-playtime.jpg (740×370)

This scary adventure game with episodes is a great example of a weird “toys come to life” story. Getting to know the game’s history and lore is a big part of the fun, so it’s safe to say that Poppy Playtime technically makes this list.

You’ll go to an old plant that has been abandoned to find out what terrible things have happened there. Things shift quickly, so you’ll have to be brave to think quickly and make it through the horror inside.

Small Soldiers

maxresdefault-cropped-5.jpg (740×370)

You might not have thought about Small Soldiers in years, but there was a great game that went with it. Two groups of simple children’s toys come to life and fight to the death. This is the whole story.

Small Soldiers is a game that was made in the 1990s. It’s not going to become a lost action classic, but if you liked the movie, you should check it out. There is never a bad time to play as the Gorgonites against the Commando Elite.


Unraveled-Yarny.jpg (740×370)

Some people may think this is a bit of a stretch. But what other people and different cultures think of as toys will be different. In other words, Unravel and its follow-up are both fun puzzle platformers where little yarn toys come to life.

If you want a puzzle game that makes you think about problems in fresh new ways. The Unravel series is a great place to start. You can try Doodle Jump even if you don’t play games as often as some people. It’s not too easy either.


red-figures-discussing-a-giant-child-they-can-t-see-in-the-sandbox-in-supraland.jpg (740×370)

You can find a simple game that will surprise you called Supraland. It has a little toy figure that has come to life. It’s like a Metroidvania game where you have to really think about what you should do next.

For Supraland, you need to put on your explorer hat. If you don’t, you might get irritated. The game isn’t hard, but it also doesn’t hold your hand either. You have to learn how the world is laid out and what landmarks you need to find your way around without too much trouble.

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